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Key Stats

Website:  XBTFreelancer.com

Email:  [email protected] 


XBTFreelancer.com is an Upwork of Bitcoin. The digital currency based platform connects the employer to their prospective freelance employees.

On XBTFreelancer.com you can all kinds of online jobs, especially those relating to programming, translation, graphic designing job, and content creation. The inclusion of Bitcoin as the primary payment method literally cuts down the cost and time, and provides freelancers and employers a better alternative to settle contracts.

Rules and Regulations

The foremost rule is to make sure you always have a milestone on the project you were awarded as a freelancer. Milestone is essentially an Escrow.

The rules to always keep in mind are:

– Wait until a project is awarded to you as the winning bid. Never start working based on just chatting with an employer.
– Make sure you request a milestone from the employer and that one or more milestone/s were created on the project page.
– Never agree via chat to supply your bitcoin address as means of payment. Otherwise, you risk having an employer run on you once you deliver your work to him.

Some employers may cheat you to get paid directly, will pay in small installments and leave a big chunk of payment to when you deliver your work. It is also a terms of service violation to be paid outside of the site’s build-in milestone (escrow) system.

How It Works

XBTFreelancer uses CoinDesk’s ticker API to get the latest XBT/USD currency exchange rate.

There is no fee on deposits or withdrawals. However the platform does add a 0.0002 XBT, about 22¢ (USD cents) at current XBT price, miner fee to each bitcoin withdrawal transaction to support the Bitcoin network.


It just takes half an hour for withdrawals to be processed generally. Since the approval process is manual, the payee is notified via e-mail once the payment is out.


There is no requirement to fill in any personal information as a freelancer on the platform.


The website makes connecting freelancers with prospective employers faster, easier and hassle free.

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247 Bitcoin

Bitcoin & Crypto & NFT News

247 Bitcoin -1 Bitcoins -247 BTC - 1 Crypto - Kryptous

1 News - 247 News - 1 Search - 1 eBooks


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