Time to Face Reality in 2017

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It's time to face reality in 2017

Bitcoin is not the currency of the future

We need to stop listening to self-proclaimed experts and hack economists who say

Bitcoin will change the world

The Bitcoin experiment has finally been resolved. Everybody was wrong:

Bitcoin is dead.

Mike Hearn said ‘farewell to Bitcoin’ and took a job with Goldman Sachs because he thought

‘Bitcoin is just an experiment.’

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire says nobody will be using Bitcoin in 5 years because

It’s still early days. Something better will come along and replace it.

People were wrong when they said

Bitcoin will bring reliable self-banking to the unbanked in third world countries.

Smart people understand that

Bitcoin challenges central banking and undermines the ability of governments to keep financial tabs on their citizens.

In order to fight terrorism, the government tracks everything you do online.

Personally, I’m tired of living in a world where

Hackers, drug dealers and terrorists can use Bitcoin to get away with their crimes.

It’s actually just a myth that

Bitcoin is good for the world.

That’s dead wrong.

You aren’t smart enough to use Bitcoin; it will never be adopted by the masses.

Economists like Paul Krugman keep saying

Bitcoin is evil.

I don’t believe that

Bitcoin can make the world a better place by empowering people.

All you can do with Bitcoin is buy drugs. And maybe a hitman.

It just isn’t true that

Bitcoin can be used for good as well as bad.

It is true that Bitcoin is riddled with scams and crooks. Mt. Gox blew up, Ross Ulbricht went down. Hardly a day goes by without somebody getting hacked or handcuffed. We all know

Bitcoin was born in sin.

Charlie Stross wants Bitcoin to die in a fire. He says

Bitcoin is evil.

I’m tired of hearing that

Bitcoin is actually close to mass adoption.

The price of Bitcoin today is nearing an all-time high, but the Economist Magazine says it’s just a bubble – Like tulip mania. The smart money says

The experiment is over – Bitcoin has failed.

But wait – isn’t this all backwards?! Read the article in reverse: Only fools believe that

[Original article by Dr. Michael Moriarty published at http://darknetmarkets.com/time-face-reality-2017/ . Dr. Michael Moriarty is the owner of https://TorWallet.com and one of the largest Bitcoin holders in the world.]

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