The year is 2068, a massive solar storm has decimated all electronic devices on Earth. Jack is the first person to turn a miner on after the storm.

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I didn't know I would become a millionaire, of course I couldn't mine by myself, but the chain had been offline for days. When enough mining power came back on, sure the Digital Federal Reserve managed to get the first block after the storm.

I mean, no one expects anything less… By law they're the only entity allow d to have more than 50% of the mining power. But with the amount of time before that block happened, the difficulty took a nose dive.

So as soon as that was done, guys like me started to pull waaaaay more blocks than we should have with our little community pools. I'm not sure how long those hacker terrorist guys were planning what happened next, but I assure you, every block we mined was legitimate.

The D-Reapers, not sure why they chose that name, apparently a reference to an old kid's show… They realised they could finally get a hard fork going to take the power back. The government had been running this chain for too long. Allegedly a lot of the original guys that made the chain were supporting the group, though none of them openly claimed to be members. That lawyer guy from Duke, that guy from Florida feeding the homeless, even some doofus that used to post about "going to the moon". Some say even that Satoshi Nakamoto himself was backing the D-Reapers.

So what happened? Well, at first, celebration. All us small pools were just psyched that we were going to be rich, you know? Then someone noticed that the DFR was cutting in and out. They weren't consistently online. Then DFR went offline completely.

All the local pools started to get social media hits from the D-Reapers. They wanted us to run their custom update that would hard fork the government chain. Doing what they asked… Would, well, could get anybody charged with treason… Which is what all the people on the pool pages posted back to the D-Reaper guys.

Next thing the D-Reaper guys did was just reply back that they understand. An hour later they posted again, "What did it finally take, to get the US to fight for independence? Click here to read a first hand account about how the revolutionary army began." Everyone wanted to see what the hell they were going on about.

So of course even though there were maybe only a few hundred or few thousand of us, we almost all clicked it.

Really? What happened?

There was a brief message on the screen, but it flashed off really quickly. Next thing we know, the government chain was hardforked.

I guess it was like a forced conscription? Absolutely sir, all pools maintain their innocence on the matter. It was a hack, a script, a virus, whatever you'd like to call it. It's not our fault that any of this happened.

Have any of you received any charges of treason? No. It was against our will sir.

So, you all have become rich, and subvert d the government, and it was against your will?

That is our story pal, we're sticking to it.

"We understand."

Jack's mouth hung open, did this CDNBC interviewer just hint that he was a D-Reaper?!?! Right here?!?! Could this old bag even be Satoshi Nakamoto himself?!?!?!

The interviewer got a smug smile on his face. And began to speak again:

"I'm just amazed at it, you know? People used to say the sun could burn out before you ever hacked a private key…" (The interviewer paused here and blinked twice at Jack.) "And look here, the sun did the opposite of burn out, and now the whole damn chain isn't in the hands of the government anymore. Wow…"

"Yeah… It is pretty amazing…"

"Well we have to go now, my gum is all out of flavour." The interviewer blinked twice at Jack again. He took a piece of paper out of his pocket, spit the gum in it, and tossed it in the trash bin in the room before leaving with the camera team.

Jack and his friends ran over to the bin.

"No way."

On the balled up paper, aside from a small blue wad of what might have been 5 gum…

A private key.

"Dude, there's an entire coin here!!!! No shit!"

Sam was busy using the block explorer on his laptop.

"Seriously?!?!" "Dude no."

"No?" "Dude… I'm not spending that."

"Why the f- not???"

That's when all eyes hit the screen and we realised why Sam the wasn't​ interested in spending it.

It had come, from a known public key… One of the few…

Originally owned by the Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

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