The Segwit2X ‘signalling’ we are seeing today is in fact an indication to signal come July 21st

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Just to clarify the posts stating miners are signalling for Segwit2X today…

Miners are currently showing their intent to support the 'New York Agreement' by adding 'NYA' in their coinbase text. They are showing "intent to signal bit 4 via Segwit2X on July 21st."

They are currently at the 'Alpha Milestone' phase of the planned time frame. So they aren't signalling via Segwit2X itself (or running it live) yet.

Bit 4 signalling is what is needed in 80%+ of the blocks for a period of time for Segwit2X to activate the orphaning of non-segwit signalling blocks and (hopefully) leading to the activation of Segwit before August 1st. That is the stated plan anyway.

You can see the intent messages here: (scroll down)

They look like this:

3 / /EB1/AD6/)_5/Pzo

The NYA part is the show of intent (that one is from a block mined by by the way)

The actual signalling of bit 4 will be seen in the version section of the block header and will look like this:

0x20000016 for bit 4 alone


0x20000018 for bit 1 (segwit – 0x20000002) and bit 4 combined etc.

So don't get too excited yet… but it is a positive sign as Segwit2X and UASF can be compatible.

Until Segwit is activated on Bitcoin I advise any current UASF supporters to carry on regardless 😉

EDIT 12:54 GMT: Arguably you could say that they are "signalling intent" to signal bit 4 to activate the rejection of anything that doesn't signal bit 1 😉

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