The “Bitcoin Foundation”, a supposedly community driven bitcoin advocacy group, has now been taken over by ‘Bitcoin Cash’ supporters


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I just received an email from the 'Bitcoin Foundation' this morning, written by a man named 'Llew Clasen'.

Llew Clasen is Vinny Lingham's business partner at Newtown Ventures. Vinny, of course, supports BCH and thinks Bitcoin is failing.

The 'Bitcoin Foundation' has a substantial budget and a mandate to promote bitcoin in a positive light and to advocate for it with government regulators.

However, it has now been taken over by bcash supporters.

Roger Ver now controls numerous media outlets and is spending a huge amount of money spreading the lie that bitcoin cash 'is the real bitcoin'.

Meanwhile, bitcoin itself has a PR budget of exactly zero dollars and zero cents. Other than guys like us posting on social media, that's it.

The damage being done by this social engineering and media attack is not insignificant. People who are thought leaders within the community should stop sitting on the sidelines, and make a concerted effort to correct the lies, fraud, and propaganda being spread by Roger Ver and his supporters.

He owns, the bitcoin twitter account, now the bitcoin foundation, there is no end to his willingness to socially engineer a PR campaign to spread lies and disinformation.

Here is the complete text of the email that was blasted out this morning:

Dear John,

A warm welcome to our new members. Every month, I send out an operational update to all members and highlight key operational issues arising since the last members’ update.

Here are our operational highlights for March 2018:

The Foundation’s 2018/19 planning Much of the Foundation's activities in March revolved around planning for 2018/19. The Executive Director (ED) and Chairman of the Board prepared a financial, marketing and operating plan to commit $5 million to scale up the operations of the Foundation and to take a more prominent role as an advocacy organization in the industry.

This plan was presented to potential backers in San Francisco, the board and also to the members of the Foundation during a webinar on April 9. It was well received all around. Thank you to all our members who attended the webinar and so actively engaged in the Q&A session.

Marketing and Operations plan 2018 Financial reports and projections 2017/2018 Speaking engagement, Bitcoin Cash conference, Satoshi’s Vision The Foundation’s ED attended the Bitcoin Cash conference, Satoshi’s Vision, in Japan March 23-25. The primary intention was to better understand how this project was evolving, meet with stakeholders and better understand how the Foundation should engage with this project going forward.

Our plans for 2018 and meetings at Satoshi’s Vision suggest that the Foundation has an opportunity to continue to represent the interests of an industry under siege even if there is disagreement on approach between projects.

Lobbying The Foundation continues to engage with lawmakers in New York state and Washington DC to influence both state and federal legislation in a way that is fundamentally positive for the industry. We expect to be able to make a few announcements on progress shortly.

BlockShow Europe 2018, Berlin, Germany (May 28-29) BlockShow Europe 2018 is an event that brings together the global Blockchain community. The Foundation’s ED will be speaking and we look forward to participating. We have a special promotional offer of 25% off for our members. Use code: 25BITCOINFOUNDATION when buying tickets.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018, Vienna, Austria (May 16-18) WeAreDevelopers brings together developers from across the world to share their knowledge and experience. Dubbed “The Woodstock of Developers” this year’s event focuses on current tech trends including Blockchain. We have a special offer of 25% off for our members. Use code: BITCOIN-FOUNDATION25 when buying tickets.

Member Telegram group If you haven’t already, join the Foundation and fellow members in our new Telegram group.

The Foundation's financial position March’s revenue included membership contributions of $2,001. There were 13 new members. Operating expenses for the period were $7,588 which is higher than usual. Some of the larger expenses this month included flights for the Foundations ED to San Francisco to meet with the chairman of the board to discuss plans for 2018 and meeting with potential funders ($2,455) and professional fees for marketing and accounting services, especially 2018 planning ($2,829). The net operating deficit for the period was $6,192.

March’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) high was $11,480 with a low of $6,844. Total cash assets including BTC and USD were $5,467 at 03/31/18.

The Foundation's income statement and balance sheet are available to members for download.

We appreciate your continued support.

Yours in the service of Bitcoin,

Llew Claasen

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