Polkadot (DOT) To Retest $9.88 Resistance – Can Bulls Regain Solid Footing?

Polkadot (DOT) price reveals that the extreme bullish movement pumped the price reaching $9.54. DOT price extremely bullish; set to retest $9.88 key resistance level. Support spotted at the $9.29 zone. Polkadot pumped up its price to $9.54.  DOT’s price trendline has spiked for the past couple of weeks following the coin’s overwhelming gains over the past few days. Today, DOT/USD is trying to test the $9.87 key resistance level which is pretty strong. However, if the bulls continue to push further then DOT will have no problem breaching this critical resistance zone. Related Reading: Filecoin Cruises Near Resistance, Now Attempts For A Breakout DOT Price Pumped To $9.54 On the 24-hour timeframe, DOT price has shown a boost in price value as it pumped its price to $9.54 a few hours ago. According to CoinMarketCap, DOT is now trading at $9.49 or showing an impressive spike of 2.20% as of this writing. DOT price was down by a trickle in a few hours but is still on the green lane. The DOT/USD pair has shown a remarkable 10.05% gain in terms of value as seen in the past week which hints a continuation of the bull run. On the flip side, trading volume for DOT tremendously fell by 12.66% which shows some weak spots in terms of momentum. DOT/USD pair shows increased volatility as seen in the expansion of the Bollinger bands. The price is seen to be trading the upper limit with $9.99 as the current key resistance, and the lower band or $6.84 poised as the current support zone for the coin. More so, the EMA is spotted at $9.10 with RSI at 64 which is indicates strong buying pressure in the market. Polkadot Price Correction Anticipated The 4-hour timeframe shows that DOT price breached upwards which was observed at the onset of the trading session which prompted the price to spike to $9.58, but when the selling pressure resurfaced, the price also went down in the last few hours. The 4-hour chart for DOT shows a rather very mild volatility. The upper band is spotted at $9.84, while the lower band is found at $8.73. More so, the EMA trades at the $9.35 level with the RSI showing a mild downtrend as it continue to trade at index 62 propelled by the immense selling pressure. DOT price reveals that the coin is working extremely hard to override the key resistance found at $9.87, as the price is still seen trading on the green. A price correction is expected for short-term or in a just a few hours before the coin retests the key resistance zone again. On the other hand, if the bears manage to dominate the bulls, then DOT may hold on to $9.29 as its next support zone. Related Reading: Decentraland Consolidates Near $1.05 – Can MANA Attract Buyers Now? DOT total market cap at $10.3 billion on the weekend chart | Source: TradingView.com Featured image from Bitcoin Addict, Chart from TradingView.com

Filecoin Cruises Near Resistance, Now Attempts For A Breakout

Filecoin (FIL) price action shows the formation of a flag and pole pattern that indicates a bullish movement. Filecoin price displays a robust uptrend with a bullish flag and pole pattern. Four-hour time frame for Filecoin showed the formation of a symmetrical triangle pattern Filecoin currently trades at a long-term supply range following a breach of short-term key resistance  Currently, Filecoin price trades at a long-term supply level after successfully breaching a short-term key resistance. Prior to the breach, FIL price has been in convergence for quite some time. With that said, the breach of the supply level has made a tremendous impact which blasted a robust bullish streak. Related Reading: Decentraland Consolidates Near $1.05 – Can MANA Attract Buyers Now? Filecoin Shows Robust Upward Movement Following a robust bullish movement, FIL coin price has started consolidating once again and creating higher high as well as higher low patterns seen on a daily time frame. According to CoinMarketCap, the Filecoin price has been highly bullish trading at $8.55 with a surge of 0.69% as of this writing. As of press time, FIL coin price has breached the critical 50 and 100 EMAs. More so, the coin currently trades midway of the Bollinger band indicator after it failed to outpace the upper bands. More so, trading volumes for the coin have also surged following the breach. At this point, investors are advised to keep an eye for any signs of a breach in the bullish flag and pole pattern, and then act fast. FIL Price To Surge Once It Breaches Flag, Pole Pattern Given a 4-hour time frame, the FIL coin price is observed to form a symmetrical triangle. The ADX curve has also spiked on a higher time frame as it moves in sync with the coin’s uptrend which hints at a rally in FILE coin price. Judging by the daily time frame, the ADX curve is seen to have swerved past the 20 levels and shifted upwards. On 4-hour time fame, the coin is spotted currently sitting in the short-term demand zone. At this point, investors need to wait for the formation of a positive candle in the demand area. FIL coin’s RSI is showing trading activity at the 50.41 mark. Its RSI also shows a crossover on the 50 zones. Remarkably, the FIL coin price revealed a breach seen at a robust supply zone. In the event that the coin price manages to breach the bullish flag and pole pattern, the RSI will also quickly swing upwards. RSI curve also shows that it has successfully crossed the 14 EMA which defines a short-lived bullish movement. The Supertrend indicators are also very optimistic, especially with the breach of the critical small-term supply mark as seen on the daily time frame which also prompted the continuous rallying of coin prices. Related Reading: Shiba Inu (SHIB) Buildup At This Price Level Could Be Favorable Crypto total market cap at $1.15 trillion on the daily chart | Source: TradingView.com Featured image from Binance Academy, Chart from TradingView.com

Is Ledger Safe?

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