Supreme Court ORDERS Twitter to Reinstate over 100 Accounts


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Supreme Court ORDERS Twitter

to Reinstate over 100 Accounts

By Staff of 247 News 

An international judge in a Supreme Court bitch slapped Twitter and Jack Dorsey today, taking the Tech Platform to task for suspending over 100 accounts of 1 MEDIA a company that has over 300 business portals many in crypto and news.

We are owned by 1 MEDIA.

The company was founded by Dr. Sol Adoni aka SOLLOG and it seems our Social Media Manager used lots of 1 MEDIA Twitter Accounts to like the religious art NFTS of our founder, a listed artist who is in many museums who also has the record for the sale of a painting at over $1 BILLION USD.

Well, Dr. Adoni doesn’t like Bitcoin and Twitter’s bearded leader Jack Dorsey loves bitcoin, so when the art of Dr. Adoni was liked by dozens of 1 MEDIA social media accounts Twitter aka @jack (Dorsey) pulled the plug on over 100 1 MEDIA accounts, account connected to websites from the 1990’s like ours, and accounts with mega thousands of tweets and followers.

The court Order called Twitter a MONOPOLY that violated Freedom of the Press with their banning of so many News Related accounts of 1 MEDIA and it stated it appeared it was motivated over Mr. Adoni’s owning the fastest growing Crypto Coin in the Universe which is tied to a RELIGIOUS NFT GAME he invented that uses FREE CRYPTO to buy his art and then players can resell the art for a lot of money on popular NFT Market Platforms.

Twitter failed to show up for the hearing so the Judge issued a rare EX PARTE TRO citing Twitter had public notice posted by SOLLOG on Twitter and decided to ignore the hearing.


If Twitter doesn’t do as the court ordered, it faces a $1 BILLION a day fine by the court, and Twitter is a horrible company that loses money all the time, most of it’s life it had no profit, that is how inept CEO Jack Dorsey is at managing the popular social media platform that is any crypto coins or crypto artists main marketing platform in 2021.

Well Twitter OBEY an international court?

Time will tell, they have two weeks to appear in the case and if they don’t the court will most likely issue a FINAL JUDGMENT on Twitter for trillions of dollars the amount Dr. Adoni is suing for. He claims his coin is worth trillions while his art is only worth mega billions.

It’s the coin that runs the world he told us, it finances real space travel, since it will generate a whole new level of wealth for evryone on earth equally. User energy is the fuel that powers fracti, his coin, and his books, music, fillms, domain name assets and art is the assets member chase by using the fracti network instead of sites like Facebook and Youtube. Why use sites that steal users energy when fracti pays users for their energy doing routine internet surfing.

Get $5000 in FREE CRYPTO at fracti

Use it to play the GODS & DEMONS GAME.

The game is built around FREE CRYPTO you use to acquire rare religious art like Crypto Gods and Crypto Demons to resell on big Crypto NFT markets like Opensea and HEN.


Maybe Donald Trump’s Lawyers could learn from this, you can sue Twitter when it targets a person intentionally.




247 Bitcoin

Bitcoin & Crypto & NFT News

247 Bitcoin -1 Bitcoins -247 BTC - 1 Crypto - Kryptous

1 News - 247 News - 1 Search - 1 eBooks


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