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Many of us (including me) have bought some bitcoins believing that, as a finite resource capable of storing value in a trustable way, it could increase in value so much that it could be a chance to become a bit rich, if not definitely rich.

That's good: if someone has been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, (s)he could be significantly rewarded: without early adopters, that are taking a lot of the risks for a new product/technology/service, there won't be mass adoption.

But, in the last couple of months reading r/bitcoin, I've got the impression that some of us are just a bit lazy and are genuinely believing that they should do nothing, just waiting for the magnificent and progressive fate of the Bitcoin. Hold them for a very long of time and someday you'll be rich.

Now, let me recall you something that happened short before the Wall Street crack of 1929. Rockfeller, that was already a very rich man, had a conversation with his personal driver who told him that, in just few days, he had been able to gain an 82% profit on buying some stocks in the market.

As a result of this discussion, Rockfeller immediately closed all of his positions in the market, because he thought that, if someone without any experience could make so many money, the market was in a bubble and ready to collapse. The market collapsed shortly after and the relative richness of Rockfeller increased a lot, as he wasn't touched by the disaster.

Now, are we Rockfeller's drivers?

For some aspects, no. To buy, use and even know that Bitcoin exists, some education is needed, which means to be able to find the information related to these so strange cryptocurrencies and spending a lot of time distinguish between the truth and the liar, the good analysis and the spam.

At the same time, as the Bitcoin's market and preminence (e.g. in the media) are increasing, we should do some more proactive steps to support it. Just waiting for the others to do something won't be successful, in the long run.

Each one of us buys every day many different goods: why we don't start buying some of them with bitcoins? Sure, we wouldn't have the same choice that we have now, because we don't have an Amazon of Bitcoins, but what would happen to the price of Bitcoin if Amazon, some day, chooses to accept Bitcoin because a part of its market share has been conquered by other competitors that are accepting Bitcoin? Competitors that we had supported?

I am not saying to sell some of your corrent Bitcoins that you've bought to support you financially at retirement age. I am saying to buy more Bitcoin and use them to buy a book, some groceries, an holiday, pay a lawyer.

Also, we all could do even more things. We could talk our friends about Bitcoin, we could be helpful to strangers on the Internet that are asking advices and have some problems in setting up an e-wallet, we could ask to our sales department if they know bitcoin and if they have the idea to accept it as a mean of payment. We could ask to our bank, when they call us for doing some investment, if they know what bitcoin is and why they don't allow us to buy it through them. We could propose our teacher to make a project or a study during the college or university.

Many, many of these ideas. Doing so, we are first serving a good cause, and second we are definitely increasing the acceptance rate and building a real organic adoption.

I think, my two cents, that the value of a currency is also in its fungibility. The more the organic adoption, the more the value of Bitcoin.

Otherwise, we could spend the days here posting the new value, a fancy icon of a puppet wearing a Bitcoin mask going up or down, whining about China and so on. Neither of these will result in more acceptance of Bitcoin or more value.

If you want to know what I've done for the adoption of Bitcoin: I've done some of them for gift one year ago (and the recipients are very happy for the gains: some of them are interested and are considering to buy some more bitcoin for them, some other are not interested, but it's part of the game) and I'm doing an hell of a lobby inside my company (which is an IT company) to start developing on build of these and similar technologies.

(also, please pardon my english, I am not a native english speaker. Feel free to answer me in italian, if my english is really hard on you 🙂 )

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