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A post in 2002 that was tied to a NL email address and account has been possibly tied to Professor Lenstra the father of ECC crypto which is used inside Bitcoin.

Seven years before Satoshi released his paper on Bitcoin you had a post describing exactly what Bitcoin would become years later from a NL account.

The first one to tie Professor Lenstra the daddy of ECC crypto used in Bitcoin to the 2002 post was a poster on the forum Bitcoin Talk using the handle 247 Poker. (No connection to us) Even though we said Professor Lenstra was a possible PRIME CANDIDATE to be connected to Bitcoin in our article months ago.

247 News Article on Dr. Lenstra and Bitcoin

Here is the person that outed Professor Lenstra to the 2002 Post that many now believe was the POST where Satoshi (aka Dr. Lenstra?) put the concept of Bitcoin out to the world and he was laughed at.

Here is the 2002 Post some thing was Satoshi 7 years before he released bitcoin saying what do you think about this.!topic/

So that was the post found by wanna be Satoshi detectives at Bitcoin Talk and then 247 Poker at the link above said wait a minute NL that’s the daddy of crypto Lenstra.

Then someone said Lenstra has been totally silent on Bitcoin unlike every other major figure in crypto.

Then someone noticed if you googled Lenstra and Bitcoin the #1 site was 247 News, since we tried to ask him about Bitcoin months ago, so we were the first news site to tie Professor Lenstra to BItcoin and now the 2002 post shows a cryto expert in NL in 2002 had a complete idea formed in his mind about virtual currency using crypto and that post shows WHO IS SATOSHI to many in the know…

Why don’t you just admit it Professor Lenstra, you are Satoshi.


Our original 247 News article connecting Professor Lenstra to Bitcoin and now the 2002 NL post shows WE WERE MOST LIKELY RIGHT months ago.





247 Bitcoin

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