Qilin.Market Will Not Burn Undistributed Tokens Releasing Them on Exchanges Instead

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QILIN.MARKET is the decentralized supermarket that enables online shopping for real goods with cryptocurrency

Utilizing distributed ledger technology with smart contracts for exchanging goods with digital currencies, “Qilin.Market” creates a secure and transparent escrow for all parties assuring money–back guarantee for buyer and secure funds transfer for seller.

All settlements between parties within “Qilin.Market” are made with Qilin Tokens (Qt.) designed to maintain a constant circulation as they are required by: sellers to cover deal escrow and list product offers, couriers to complete delivery orders, marketing partners to receive rewards for sales. Qilin Tokens can also be used to claim discount on product prices by customers that brings actual inherent value of real goods consumption to Qt.

There is a limited number of Qilin Tokens to be issued. They will be distributed in batches with price rising in trigonometric logarithmic progression for the token in every new batch. What is most important, Qilin.Market will not burn its Tokens and here is why.

Most of crypto tokens and digital coins suffers edgy valuation drop just right after the end of token distribution event. That happens because early investors are willing to make profits instantly as soon as new-baked currency hits exchanges.

To prevent this dramatic scenario for Qilin.Market project token and establish a long-term, non-volatile and stable growth for its valuation there was a unique approach implemented.


There would be only 100 batches with 70 000 Qilin Tokens in each. Price of Token in batch is different as defined by formula:

Formula to determine token distribution price (Bonus Scale)

That makes sure Qilin Token price will be higher with every next distributed batch. Thought it may be a very slight growth within couple of batches that can become serious value after a dozen of batches is distributed. Being a true trigonometric logarithmic function, it provides the most rapid growth on the last batches and here is where the magic starts.

The Cap

Qilin.Market has very reasonable hard cap of $7.5 Million, after achieving one all undistributed tokens will be released on public exchanges with the same formula applied to its price. That can radically change the major trend of “sell” after hitting the lists, as there will be no more chance to get token cheaper.

Token distribution price chart with stages (bonus scale)

Even very early contributors those are not interested in using token for certain platform functionality (we assume there might be some as well) will prefer to keep it to gain even more interest.

No Burning

Designed to be fully autonomous and decentralized platform, Qilin.Market need an independent Token to be exchanged between interacting parties freely.

Considering extremely low supply of Qilin Tokens, instead of burning tokens (like most projects do) Qilin.Market will make all undistributed tokens to be available on public exchanges.

Every new registered Qilin.Market user, being it a Seller, Merchant or Delivery Service will need a token to operate on platform. One will have an opportunity to get it directly from platform (through exchange in fact) or get from those who don’t need really them.

Qt. is a utility fuel-type of token that is used by parties to run smart contracts and make reversible escrow deposits to ensure quality of the product, reward marketing partners, cover product return costs and delivery assurance.

The major purpose of Token is to guarantee deal accomplishment without disputes. Qilin Token is not designed to be treated as share, security and equity that makes sure it will hit exchanges fast.

Qilin Token preorder is already started, please fill the form on official website to get early bonus.

Website: http://qilin.market
Whitepaper: http://qilin.market/whitepaper
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qilin.market
Twitter: https://twitter.com/qilin_market
Telegram Chat:  https://t.me/qilin_market
Telegram News Channel:  https://t.me/qilinmarket
Blog: https://medium.com/@qilin.market
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2418101.0

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