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What’s one of the main reasons that players are wary about giving online casinos a try and stick to gambling in person? They’re worried about whether or not the games online are fair. It’s a valid concern, as no one wants an online casino to take advantage of them.

That’s why has taken steps to not only ensure the fairness of its games, but also to show its players exactly what goes into the process of determining its game results. launched last week, and it has already gotten quite a bit of attention, in large part because of its bonuses, instant payouts, superior customer support, progressive jackpot and a plethora of provably fair games.

We took a look at how it gets its game results to see how fair this casino really is.

The Process of Determining a Game Result

Bitcoin Casino uses two numbers to determine the results of every game. The first number comes from a random number generator, and an independent organization certifies that generator to make sure that it’s working properly. The second number, which is called the secret number, comes from an algorithm that the casino has. Any player is able to check this algorithm one of two ways:

• Using Bitcoin Casino’s own widget
• Using a third-party tool

The two numbers go through a process called hashing, which has been used in many different fields as far back as the 1950s. Hashing the numbers together creates a unique combination called a fingerprint, and there will never be the same fingerprint created, making each game result truly random and one of a kind.

That fingerprint determines the result of every game on While this process is certainly complex, the casino’s technology automatically calculates game results within a split-second.

Total Transparency

To prove the trustworthiness of itself and its games to players, they have adopted a policy of full transparency regarding its game results. As previously mentioned, the random number generator goes through an independent certification, and players themselves can check the algorithm. In addition, it provides the random number, the secret number and the fingerprint that determined a game result to the player after each game. Not only does this allow you to make sure that you’re being treated fairly, it also gives you an exciting look behind the scenes of an online casino.

A full breakdown of this entire process is available on Bitcoin Casino’s Provably Fair page.

What Bitcoin Casino Has to Offer

So, the games are provably fair, but what about the actual experience that Bitcoin Casino provides? Its combination of a large game selection and large bonuses make this online casino one of the best options on the market.

When it comes to games, Bitcoin Casino has over 350, and you can find any type of casino game that you want. The Games page lists different categories of games if you have something specific you’re looking for, such as table games, roulette or slot games. It also has sections for its high limit games, games with free spins and the casino’s most popular games. There’s a search function available to look up games by name.

Bitcoin Casino has already become very popular, which means there’s a huge progressive jackpot in play of over 101,000mBTC. The home page has a link to jackpot games if you want to take a shot at winning it. For that many bitcoins, it’s well worth your time.

You can also score extra bitcoins free of charge through the casino’s promotions. Like other online casinos, Bitcoin Casino’s best offers are its welcome deposit bonuses. When you make your first deposit, you’ll get 150 free spins and a 150% percent deposit bonus. The difference with this casino is that it doesn’t stop at just one welcome bonus, as you’ll also get small bonuses of 100, 75, 50 and 25 percent on your next four deposits. The maximum amount you can receive through each bonus is 1 bitcoin, making the welcome bonuses a great way to score up to 5 bonus bitcoins, along with those 150 free spins.

There are also deposit bonuses available to veteran players. The everyday reload bonus is 30 percent, and on Fridays through Sundays, there’s a weekend bonus of 50 percent. Each of these bonuses also has that 1 bitcoin maximum.

You do need to wager at least 40 times your bonus amount to meet the casino’s wagering requirements, which is a standard restriction to prevent players from collecting bonuses and withdrawing them without playing. You also can’t get more than one bonus at a time. If you break either rule, it can result in losing your bonus and any winnings you made after obtaining that bonus.

How to Start Playing at

Registering for an account takes less than a minute, as the signup form only requires your email address and phone number, along with the creation of a password. You can fill out the signup form on the home page or pull it up anywhere on the site by clicking the Sign Up button.

You need a bitcoin wallet to fund your account. Both deposits and withdrawals process instantly, don’t have any fees and have a maximum amount of 10 bitcoins.

When you’ve funded your account, you can click on any game you’re interested in to start playing. If you already have a bitcoin wallet with some bitcoins, you could be playing at Bitcoin Casino in a couple minutes or less.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an online bitcoin casino with a strong selection of fair games, Bitcoin Casino certainly fits the bill. It may have just launched, but it has already positioned itself as one of the top bitcoin casinos, and it’s a good idea to try it out while the welcome bonuses are this high.


247 Bitcoin

Bitcoin & Crypto & NFT News

247 Bitcoin -1 Bitcoins -247 BTC - 1 Crypto - Kryptous

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