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To an average consumer and ordinary retailer, the world of cryptocurrencies has successfully been demystified by the entrance of PlusCoin in the market — a coin that is fully integrated into the DS Plus mobile marketplace.

And in an effort to go beyond customers to enterprises, PlusCoin is already enjoying partnerships with corporations like the McDonald’s and Burger King, making it possible for customers to use PlusCoin with brands of their choice.

With the cashback system on this platform, customers are sure to receive back up to 2% of the original purchase prices of goods, making businesses and customers strive for PlusCoin. One would remember that for all cashback promotions that use fiat currencies, it may take weeks or months for funds to be redeemed, a problem that by all means does not arise with PlusCoin. This simply means that with instant redeeming of cashback, both customers and businesses are at a vantage position since the redeemed funds can be again be spent immediately.

The August pre-sale of the PlusCoin ICO saw a million PlusCoin tokens sold, where each First PlusCoin token was worth 3,300 PlusCoins, all of which were distributed in a couple of weeks, to the value of more than $240,000!

Barely 3 days into this month’s ICO, PlusCoin had already raised funds to the tune of $500,000! During the initial phase of the sales event, one First PlusCoin was purchased at $10, with phase 2 and 3 going at $11.5 and $13 per token respectively.

Those interested in bulk token purchases will continue to enjoy bonuses, and payment alternatives have been extended to use of Sprint, Time, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The worm to be caught by the early bird participants, in this case, will be increased bonuses.

Users of this platform will continue to earn extra PLC tokens for searching participating vendors offering discounted prices, and for buying from them.

It is anticipated that with 21,000,000 PLC already in circulation, and contracts already sealed with 1544 partner enterprises, the market capitalization of PlusCoin is bound to rise! The total number of PlusCoins to be issued will be no more than 29,700,000,000, and the first coins will be issued to those participating in the ICO.

Anyone interested in promoting PlusCoin has been invited to do so through various social media platforms, and participants are asked to remain subscribed on relevant PlusCoin pages on Medium, Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram, until the ICO is concluded. It is important to note that in this regard, there is no absolute limitation on how much money one can earn through this referral program. While on these official channels, one can repost relevant content, keeping it positive and constructive. Payment of rewards will be automatic. Further, if anyone joins the ICO and purchases tokens after following the promotional link, the referrer stands to receive a 5% reward.

Depending on the account rank on Bitcointalk, the only platform where weekly content should be posted, users stand to earn a huge bonus as well. For instance, legendary members will be entitled to 198,000 PLC (about $600), Hero members will receive 181,500 PLC (about $500), Senior members will be getting 165,000 PLC (estimated at $500), Full members will earn 132,000 PLC (about $400), while Members will get 115,500 PLC (equal to $350), and Junior members will be getting 82,500 PLC (an equivalent of $300).

The project was initially supported by investment funds worth at least $525,000, which was used for the development, scalability and marketing strategies for DS Plus and PlusCoin project. Now, with the ICO underway, all the funds raised during the crowdsale will be utilized for development (15%), marketing (50%), scaling (25%), and R&D (10%).

The project has received a great response from the community. Participants in the crowdsale can contribute towards the projects using Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Given the nature of transactions on the cryptocurrency blockchains, it is hard to track the people who contributed towards the platform. However, with the existing data, the company believes that most of the contributors are individuals. The platform so far has over 100,000 active users, growing at a pace of 250 new additions a day.

With over 1500 business partners and an attractive platform, PlusCoin is presently looking at widespread adoption following a highly successful ICO

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