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What some will view as mad rantings has totally exposed the NSA connection to Bitcoin.

The math genius who created the algorithm used by the NSA to cook all ECC crypto has blown the whistle on Neal Koblitz being an NSA spy since his days at Harvard.

Neal Koblitz responded to our recent interview request and he made the mistake of saying something about the 8 Prime Spirals that set their creator off today.

While PyPrimes has verified how important the 8 Prime Spirals are now to math by being the first prime algorithm to actually generate primes faster than all prime algorithms tested in PyPrimes including the sieve of Eratosthenes, alleged NSA spook Neal Koblitz said no big deal.

So now the response by the creator of the 8 Prime Spirals was to out Neal Koblitz as an NSA Spook for almost 50 years, and he also reveals how his algorithm was the algorithm the NSA used to cook all the crypto seeds in ECC that give the NSA backdoors into all the modern crypto running ECC as can be understood now by the Snowden wikileaks.

The October 2008 release of both Bitcoin’s white paper and the seldom mentioned ECC NSA manifesto by Neal Koblitz were just days apart. I’m amazed I didn’t notice that, but the credit goes to Dr. Sol Adoni who now says the heart of Bitcoin is ECC Crypto using Koblitz curves and Neal Koblitz is an NSA spook for almost 50 years.

Just look at the release dates of the Koblitz so-called I LOVE THE NSA PAPER just days before the Bitcoin Project by the NSA/CIA was released also in October 2008.

The two papers both connected to the same October 2008 period and Koblitz is praising the NSA and Bitcoin is saying trust the Koblitz ECC Curves.


For the rant of the century check out SOL ADONI on NSA BITCOIN and MORONS





247 Bitcoin

Bitcoin News Search

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