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At first Neal Koblitz agreed to an interview with 247 News. He is  the guy that created the so-called Koblitz Curve ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography)  used in some encryption, most notably Bitcoin.

The next email he sent us shortly after he said yes to be interviewed, he stated he didn’t want to be interviewed.

We have several articles on our site about Bitcoin and how it is connected to the NSA and CIA.

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Koblitz is known to have deep connections to the NSA, he admits them in his biography explaining how he took issues with NSA’s double edged sword funding contracts, by taking NSA funding for his crypto work he had to agree to give NSA control.

Most cryptographers LAUGH at him now due to the ass kissing he gave the NSA in his 2008 Paper saying how you could only trust ECC crypto now. Sure THE NSA FUNDED IT.

After all the NSA is the primary funding network that funds crypto think tanks and since Koblitz was heavily involved in NSA funded crypto projects as he admits in his book Random Curves, the ties to Koblitz and NSA funding are clear.

BITCOIN is using Crypto FUNDED BY THE NSA since Neal Koblitz admits in his autobiography to being FUNDED by the NSA in his projects.

First obvious NSA connection to Bitcoin is, Bitcoin was founded by Satoshi Nakamoti, and that’s Japanese as we pointed out for CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, probably an inside joke by the NSA pointing to the CIA.

Multiple versions of ECC crypto are absolutedly back doored by the NSA, but some think the Koblitz version of ECC is not.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Koblitz curves like all major crypto work came out of NSA funded programs.

So Bitcoin believers keep denying the obvious INTELLIGENCE CONNECTIONS to Bitcoin.

They point to Bitcoin using ECC and Koblitz curves, yet when 247 News asked to interview Mr. Koblitz his initial response by email was sure call me here tomorrow, then quickly the next email was sorry, I’d rather not. He found out we do NSA/BITCOIN articles.


Looks like he saw all the CIA/NSA stuff we did on Bitcoin and he didn’t want to admit he was funded in the 1980’s by the NSA for his crypto work now used in Bitcoin core.

Koblitz curve ECC and random ECC curves and other similar EC (Ellipitic Curve) based encryption including, ECDLP as well as DEC PRG, are part of a group of crypto that all uses EC (Elliptic Curves) and some of it was revealed as vulnerable in a 2006 analysis in Netherlands.

Further revealtions in Snowden WikiLeaks documents confirmed various NIST released ECC crypto keys were BACK DOORED by the NSA.

The Koblitz Curve ECC comes from a cesspool of NSA funded ECC work and thinking Koblitz is the only ECC not back doored is a joke, but then again the whole Bitcoin Community is in denial, they remove articles like this from their community sites on Reddit and also on Bitcoin Talk Org.

BITCOIN uses back doored NSA crypto, and Neal Koblitz created it and his refusal to speak to 247 News ON THE RECORD about his NSA connections is enough proof for us to say BITCOIN IS BACK DOORED since it uses ECC and even if it’s Koblitz ECC, it came out of NSA funded projects.






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