Its a bubble for sure. But here are a few reasons as to why it wont pop.

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  1. For every dollar put into BitCoin It will be shown on the whole and on average you end up getting back more than one dollar in value over time in excess of the true rate of inflation.

  2. Bitcoin will continue to increase in value until it takes it place on the bottom of Exter's liquidity Pyramid. As sure as a rock is denser than water.

  3. Bitcoin is more money like than any other money ever conceived.

  4. Bitcoin will prove to be the ultimate hedge in the next economic crisis.

  5. People who don't hold Bitcoin Will end up being employees for those that do. (He who holds the Digital Gold Makes the Rules.)

  6. Bank Bail-ins destroy depositors wealth by forcing them to become share holders of a worthless asset.

  7. Bank Bailouts don’t punish the bad actors, and destroy the wealth of the bag holding public.

  8. The Central Banks are colluding to monetize their debts inflating away any hope of real savings.

  9. Money is nothing more than a way to keep a record of who owes who. (Intrinsic value is unnecessary and irrelevant, The shared ledger is where the value comes from and is stored.)

  10. You can only do 3 things with money Save it, spend it, or invest it. Since you can no longer save in fiat currencies, it is no longer money.

  11. There is no way to save money in our current environment. Teaching your kids to put money in a savings account is idiotic.

  12. Negative interest rates destroy the incentive to save.

  13. Metcalfe's law and the network effect. (The Value Of a network is equal to the square of its nodes) and The network is growing exponentially.

  14. In security Authentication is performed by something you have (A Token) something you Know (a Password) or something you are (A Finger Print) Bitcoin Transforms Money from a physical item to information. This is a really big fucking deal!

  15. An item that is directly transferable does not need to be exchanged back thru the original exchange, This allows participants to directly negotiate and trade paper wins with out a haircut.

  16. Exchange Traded Volume tells you nothing. Being more liquid than any other asset as the volume decreases in Bitcoin Terms it will continue to decrease as it is stuck in some kind of permanent backwardation relative to fiat (Bitcoin today is worth more than bitcoin tomorrow but its predicated on a skyrocketing base). The bid for fiat is being withdrawn at the rate that knowledge of what is actually happening spreads.

  17. Bitcoin is Directly negotiable so it will trade outside of the exchanges as a proxy based on its spot price. This feed back loop will prove that the more valuable it becomes the more valuable it will become.

  18. The Keys are pushed to the end points so as central key stores are hacked it will become more secure and more valuable.

  19. The price of Bitcoin Rising relative to other fiat currencies only validates its utility, it does not make it tempting to sell.

  20. Currency Controls prevent the free flow of capital, devaluing the currency they are held in.

  21. The paper derivative price of Gold has nothing to do with Physical Gold. Naked shorting allows the price to be contained for the foreseeable future.

  22. Gold only Accounts for all of the miss allocation of capital every few hundred years, and only does so if everybody calls bullshit at the same time.

  23. Gold bugs are correct in their positioning, but without the critical mass for the run on the bullion banks they will continue to be wrong about the timing.

  24. Bitcoin is easily held directly so it holds the system to account in real time, this simple fact alone does make it better than gold.

  25. The idea of a 3rd party holding Bitcoin on deposit in your name for any period of time is an oxy moron. (Show me the money….. send it)

  26. When an exchange appears insolvent the price in fiat terms rises as the participants exit out the Back door VIA Bitcoin. (This is absurd, no other asset can even do this.)

  27. Fractional Reserve is not possible long term in Bitcoin.

  28. Only an Idiot would try to short Bitcoin. A bigger idiot will do it with leverage.

  29. Bitcoin is 1000 times more rare than Gold.

  30. Bitcoin is like a Swiss bank account for the every day common man.

  31. The Inflation rate of Bitcoin is already less than any other currency on the planet and will continue to fall.

  32. Bitcoin Mining forces sunk costs and risk to participate. No one Gets a Free Lunch and this creates a hard floor to the price in fiat terms, while increasing stability at the same time.

  33. The predictable supply of Bitcoin will create stability over time.

  34. The limited Quantity allows you to predict that it will be worth more over time.

  35. Bitcoin Allows you to liquidate your assets in one country and take them with you to another.

  36. The demand for real money will always outstrip the supply. What Appears to be a bubble will show itself as pure demand.

  37. The earlier you Get into Bitcoin The better off you will be.

  38. Fools who get into Bitcoin as a speculation for more dollars will end up with as many dollars as needed and no motivation to exchange for more.

  39. As Bitcoin Increases in value you can optionally pay your Tax Debts by converting a small amount and handing the worthless inflating promise back.

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  41. The day where a critical mass demands to be paid in Bitcoin is coming. This will reverse Grisham's Law.

  42. Bitcoin as the benchmark will provide much needed competition to fiat currencies.

  43. Bitcoin long term will also incentivize capital investment into productive assets. People will only be willing to risk their savings or aquire debt for more production.

  44. One Bitcoin is actually a insurance policy in this day and age you cannot afford not to have.

  45. As a metaphor for evolution. Gold is like a Grizzly bear. The dollar is a 800lb gorilla. Bitcoin is a Tyrannosaurus Rex made of steel, that by the way is also invisible breeds like a virus, has a IQ 256 and is fully equipped with a grenade launcher. If you introduce it to the environment what exactly do you think is going to happen. Makes it pretty obvious as to why the creator is hiding…… although any idiot with time can figure out who he is.

Feel Free to add anything I Missed.

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247 Bitcoin

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