‘Weaponization Project of the Dollar’: Asian Countries Talk De-Dollarization; Jim Rogers Says USD’s Time ‘Coming to an End,’ and More — Week in Review

The future fate of the U.S. dollar continues to dominate financial news, as investor Jim Rogers says the USD’s time is “coming to an end,” and nine Asian countries have been discussing de-dollarization measures in Iran. In other news, an expert has predicted that the price of gold will skyrocket due to economic conditions, and […]

Rand Plunges After US Weapons Accusations Against South Africa, Schiff Criticizes Misleading Inflation Numbers, and More — Bitcoin.com News Week in Review

Another exciting week in crypto and finance has come and gone, with news of U.S. government accusations against South Africa, regarding the alleged supply of the Russian state with ammunition. In other news, ten Southeast Asian nations are challenging U.S. dollar dominance, having agreed to “encourage the use of local currencies for economic and financial […]

Report: Biden Administration ‘Crypto Tsar’ Says DOJ will Target Digital Asset Exchange Platforms

According to Eun Young Choi, the head of the crypto unit at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the United States has resolved to target digital platforms because they are making it easy for criminals and money launderers. Choi said the DOJ hopes taking action against entities such as crypto exchanges is “going to have […]

Korean Crypto Exchanges Upbit, Bithumb Raided Over Lawmaker’s Crypto Dealings

Korean Crypto Exchanges Upbit, Bithumb Raided Over Lawmaker’s Crypto DealingsSouth Korean prosecutors have raided two of the country’s largest coin trading platforms within an investigation into the crypto investments of a politician. They seized materials from Upbit and Bithumb amid suspicions of wrongdoing related to the lawmaker’s cryptocurrency holdings. South Korean Law Enforcement Authorities Check Records From 3 Crypto Platforms Investigators from the Seoul […]

Indonesia Introducing New National Payment System to Protect Against ‘Geopolitical Consequences’

Indonesia Sets up National Payment System in De-Dollarization Push, Protection Against 'Geopolitical Consequences'Indonesia is introducing a new national payment system as the country furthers its de-dollarization efforts and protection against “possible geopolitical consequences.” The new payment system will replace Visa and Mastercard in state-owned institutions and companies, a top central bank official said. “We expect that very soon it will become widespread.” Indonesia Establishes New National Payment […]

US Dollar’s Importance Declining in International Transactions and as Reserve Currency, Economist Says

A Canadian economist and professor at the University of British Columbia says the role of the U.S. dollar in international trade and as a reserve currency has been declining. “Other currencies have been getting more important in international transactions and as reserve currencies,” he stressed. Economist Highlights Rising De-Dollarization Trend Canadian economist James Brander shared […]

Cashtokens Take Center Stage Following Bitcoin Cash Upgrade: Over 26,000 Tokens Created

Cashtokens Take Center Stage Following Bitcoin Cash Upgrade: Over 26,000 Tokens CreatedFollowing the recent Bitcoin Cash upgrade on Monday, data reveals that approximately 1,308 fungible tokens and 25,336 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged on the blockchain. Moreover, the Cashtokens token ecosystem is now accessible through the blockchain explorers 3xpl.com and salemkode.com, allowing users to explore its potential. Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Unleashes Token Frenzy and Infrastructure Support […]