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I would like to bring to your attention the NootropicPlace market, a market for cognitive enhancement supplements with a sophisticated built in Bitcoin wallet payment system.

Competitiveness is nothing new – it is how we humans climbed our way to the top of the ladder and how we made all the progress we enjoy today. It also shows no sign of slowing down, in fact, thanks to a host of factors including; longer active lifespans, increased globalization and a higher-than-ever proportion of graduates entering the workplace, competition is becoming fiercer, and our innate competitiveness with it.

However, even with all the advantages supporting us, including better nutrition, better healthcare and more access to resources than our forefathers, there is only so much one human body and mind can handle without feeling the pressure and burning out. In a world that is increasingly complex and brain-demanding, what is the answer to the increasing pressure to perform?

One field that is quickly growing in popularity is Nootropics – colloquially known as smart drugs. These supplements, can include a number of natural cognitive enhancers, manufactured drugs, nutritional supplements and a variety of others, promise to help improve the user’s cognitive function, giving them the competitive advantage over their peers.

Unfortunately, the history of Nootropics is peppered with inconsistency and controversy, with some experts squarely in favor of their use, and others debating whether or not certain types of cognitive enhancers are useful at all. As a result, there has been a fragmenting in the research, development and marketing of Nootropics – a trait which history shows us to be common to new and rapidly expanding industries.

An industry plagued with scams and rip offs At the moment, the Nootropics industry lacks sufficient FDA approval. This is compounded by the proliferation of sellers spread throughout the web, meaning that the mantle of good business practice often rests solely on the shoulders of the vendor – creating an industry ripe for exploitation by dishonest, unscrupulous and fraudulent operators.

In an effort to combat the fraud that is rife throughout the industry, NootropicPlace has collected, collated and verified information on all legitimate, tested Nootropics, offering completely impartial and detailed information pages and analyses of the products that can be bought through our platform. We also provide nearly 800 informative, educational articles to help you make the right choice.

Where does this leave the consumer? Due to this kind of fragmentation, it can be difficult for the potential user of brain and mind enhancing supplements to figure out which smart drugs are useful and which are so much snake oil, peddled by unscrupulous sellers. This often resulting in thousands of dollars wasted, and a belief in the potential of Nootropics irrevocably damaged.

Is there a case for Nootropics? Yes! There are several peer-reviewed studies that show positive results for a range of Nootropic supplements, from dietary supplements to medical stimulants, certain amino acids and various others. While the field is still in its infancy, there is massive potential for ethical and legitimate growth and development, provided ethical suppliers can get their products to users.

Creating a unified marketplace At the moment, the smart drug industry is in desperate need of two things: first, it needs more intensive and detailed scientific research, including a thorough and ethical sharing of information to advance the availability of genuine cognitive enhancing supplements, medications and other substances. Second, it needs a viable and secure marketplace where proven, peer reviewed and, most important, consumer reviewed products can be purchased and sold.

The mission behind NootropicPlace is to provide a community driven marketplace, to help not only legitimate sellers of Nootropics find customers, but also to help potential customers find quality products through a system of user testimonials and a compendium of unbiased Nootropic information.

Building an infrastructure The widest gap in the Nootropic marketplace lies between buyers and sellers – and clearly, this is a problem. Finding trusted platforms through which to either sell or buy products is presenting a challenge on both sides of the transaction scale, which is why we have developed the first Nootropic marketplace that runs on user reviews and supports only the sale of proven Nootropic supplements.

In addition to increased customer traffic, among the benefits that quality Nootropic suppliers will find are increased access to a global market of people interested in using Nootropics, better transparency in terms of understanding their competitors, and the opportunity to legitimize their place in the market. Consumers, on the other hand, will enjoy better and wider access to proven products, more competitive pricing, and the peace of mind that comes with being able to review the products openly and honestly, as well as reading other users’ reviews.

This is an exciting time for Cognitive Enhancement, as well as Bitcoin. Both are rapidly spreading in popularity throughout the globe. Our dedicated team, that's been working on this project for over a year, believes firmly that the two are a match made in heaven.

At the moment we could use help getting legit suppliers on the market, if your capable and willing, please contact me and we can discuss further. Also if capable in advertising of whatever type, would be interested in hearing from you.

Pondering the idea of a banner campaign for this here great forum. If anyone can make a banner for us, or otherwise advise in this area, let me know!

We can work out payment via Bitcoin, and/or, if you bring enough to the table you can stake a portion of the business. There is no commission fee's now, and we don't plan to implement them any time soon, but down the road it will be our income.

If you are a pre-existing Nootropic supplier you can register for temporarily be able to apply for free by clicking the “Become a seller” tab on homepage. Once submitted your application will be reviewed and you’ll receive notification by email to access your vendor account.

If any questions we are more then happy to answer your questions, you can reach us on reddit, or email ‘

P.S. Hats off to vendor Nootropics-R-Us for setting the standard so high with his domestic Modafinil & Etizolam!

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247 Bitcoin

Bitcoin & Crypto & NFT News

247 Bitcoin -1 Bitcoins -247 BTC - 1 Crypto - Kryptous

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