Artist #Sollog warns #HEN #NFT code Broken dump #Tezos


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Artist #Sollog warns #HEN #NFT code Broken dump #Tezos

By staff of 247 News

Two weeks ago we were ready to report list Artist #Sollog who is in museums, was trashing Tezos for having broken code, in fact his first NFT on HEN was Tezos Sucks explaining the wallets and marketplaces of Tezos had broken code.

Sollog speaks and crypto coins crash. So dump Tezos.

Only question is will Tezos recover.

We met up with Sollog over coffee and Sollog showed us all the mistakes being made by the crappy code of HEN owner Rafael Lima.

Rafael has been charging Sollog for things never done on the HEN Blockchain and then the admin of HEN’s discord banned Sollog for complaining Rafael Lima was ripping off artists charging fees for things never done on the Tezos Blockchain.

In June HEN was hacked and down for a month.

Artists who can’t afford to mint on the main Art block chain due to gas fees in ETH overlook the failings of HEN and Tezos and pray the crap coin Tezos and it’s broken market place HEN survive it’s broken code mishaps and hacks.

Sollog who called both crashes in Bitcoin is a genius with the hottest coin in the world named fracti .

It’s free andcreated via user energy surfing the fracti network.

Sollog created his first software company as a teen in the 70’s.

His fans accumulated Bitcoin since 2010 when Sollog told his army of millions of fans to accumulate Bitcoin. He told then to dump Bitcoin twice to take profits, causing the crash of 2017 and the crash this year at the ATH of Bitcoin.

Sollog’s art has sold for over $1 Billion recently.

Huge crypto funds founded by fans of Sollog buy his original oils for mega millions and his real ETH generated 1/1 NFTs for millions.

Almost all of it is done through off chain transactions.

Sollog says NFTs will exist in the future but for now, they have major problems.

ETH gas fees make NFTs unusable for most artists and collectors.

Tezos relies on a marketplace that is broken.

HEN puts a warning on it’s site, use at own risk, it’s just an experiment. A failed experiment that was hacked and closed for a month as it’s owner Rafael Lima tried to fix his broken code.

Dump Tezos warns Sollog, it’s crap code.

Tezos tried to launch a market place called Kalamint, it’s crap says Sollog, the site doesn’t even have a search box to look up artists, it’s fees are triple that of HEN and if you create a kalamint NFT the price won’t show in other markets like OBJKT.

So you’ve been warned.

A real expert in code says HEN has broken code.

He says if you buy an NFT stick to ETH, Tezos is crap.

Dump Tezos warns Sollog.










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