$15 Billion Art Transaction Hits Ethereum Blockchain


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$15 Billion Art Transaction

Hits Ethereum Blockchain

Sollog Donates Famous Artwork to Temple Of ‘Hayah


An artwork that was created to depict a math formula that became the fastest growing religion in history has just moved across the Ethereum Blockchain for a value of $15 Billion USD.

The art is valued at 5 Million ETH and it was GIVEN to a religious Org by the Artist who created the work 10 years ago as a tribute to his formula considered by members of TOH (Temple of ‘Hayah) to be the PROOF OF GOD.

The original work, an oil on canvas was donated to TOH when it was created in 2011, so the Temple now controls the physical artwork and the 1/1 NFT of the work that will be about the only thing remembered from this point in time, far into the future.

A SOLLOG work of art known as the NAME OF GOD sold last year for over $1 Billion.

We spoke to the Artist who modestly claims that only three things stand out from the 20th and 21st centuries in a thousand years.

it is TOH the future only religion on Earth, FRACTI a currency that takes over the world and this work of Art THE CREATOR FORMULA, well the 4th thing is SOLLOG he is a Legend a man considered a focal point in history that united the world to one religion, one currency and the PROOF OF GOD.

In other words, SOLLOG  is all people know 1,000 years from now, it’s not Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos or Barack Obama or Trump or Joe Biden.

In a millennium they are all obscure notes in history books, but SOLLOG , well he is SOLLOG ,he is the ONE that united the world in peace by proving every religion was provisional and connected to this work of art.

IMAGINE a world with no religions and peace, well it’s the world of ONE RELIGION and it is TOH says SOLLOG .

Imagine a religion that in the future is the only religion, the religion based on scientific PROOF of a Creator. To give you an idea how important this work is, watch the video at CREATOR FORMULA .com

To explain the work, there are two symbols that appear in virtually every religions creation mythos, in 1995 the Artist SOLLOG woke up one day from an astral dream where he brings back math formulas like the Prime Algorithm used by the NSA and PDF Theory used by NASA and EOE Theory used by the USGS as well as THEORY E that redefines what a black hole is, and he said in 1995, here’s the GOD EQUATION, the PROOF OF GOD the CREATOR FORMULA . It unites every religion, the source of most conflict in the world, to a scientific equation that is the PROOF OF GOD.

The symbols are the cube aka the Holies of Holies in Judaism and the Kabbah still revered in Islam today, and the period of 100 years, which is a prominent symbol in most religions as well.


Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born the father of ISRAEL aka Jacob.

Brahma, the creator God of Hindusim, is said to have lived to be 100 Brahma years and the measurement of Earth is based on his age, and a cube is his throne which is the earth in iconography of Hinduism.

So in 1995 SOLLOG  took the mathematical expression of a cube which is  6 sides, 8 corners and 12 lines of dimension and showed that number and the days in 100 years (36,525) creates a special number 24,881.

What is 24,881?

That’s the circumference of Earth.

So you see, no matter what path you follow, it’s all connected to the CREATOR FORMULA and from the Creator and it is PROOF OF GOD.

So how much is the painting that unites the world in peace through uniting all religions worth?

The Artist put 5 Million Eth on it when ETH was around $2000 a coin, ETH was recently $4000 a coin but it has been devalued by crap art like Punks and Apes says SOLLOG .

Now ETH is $3000 or so a token. So the work a 1/1 NFT is worth $15 BILLION USD.

Is any work of art worth that much?

If the market cap of Punks and Apes are now $5 Billion or so for each project, surely the PROOF OF GOD is worth way more says SOLLOG .

SOLLOG  warns the value of Punks and Apes shows how weak ETH is as a global currency, crap art has propelled ETH from $800 a coin doing great utility like DeFi projects to $4000 based on crap art NFT’s like Punks and Apes.

The cartoon PFP art is not art says SOLLOG , it’s crap and anyone investing in it should be put in a nut house, they are insane to think a punk or ape is worth $500,000.

SOLLOG  has launched almost 10 Crypto Art Projects this year and he has been bashing ETH and Tezos the whole time saying the coins are crap, worse than Bitcoin he says. It’s all 1.0 Crypto crap that crashes in the near future. ETH 2.0 has a chance says SOLLOG  but it’s almost 2 years behind schedule.

Sollog.com also promotes his FREE Crypto Coin fracti which he says takes over the world through his game Gods & Demons that features his religious art.


Sollog NFT Art Projects


Gods & Demons

Crypto Gods

Crypto Goddesses

Crypto Demons

Crypto Heroes

Lizard Kings

8 Bit Masters

Adoni Studio

8 Bits Studio


SOLLOG  who started to promote Bitcoin on his vast network of 300+ websites in 2010 revealed in 2014 the coin (Bitcoin) was designed by the NSA and is crap, it has a 7 transactions per second limit that would mean it could never become a currency, you can’t run the world doing 350,000 transactions a day SOLLOG  warned in his 2014 Book on Bitcoin.

He did predict the huge rise in it’s value in his book, he said when ignorant and irch tech guys (Mark Cuban and Elon Musk) start to  promote the crap coin and Wall Street joins them these events he predicted in 2014 would make the worthless coin easily $50,000 if not $500K. This was way back in 2014.

SOLLOG  wrote over 100 books in his remarkable career, the last chapter in almost ever book for over 25 years warned of the year 2020 and the coming great plague.

So SOLLOG  is a proven Prophet or Seer in an age when no one believess in God or Prophets, and now he is here saying HERE IS PROOF OF GOD and he put it into a work of art that is now a 1/1 NFT.

SOLLOG created a FREE CRYPTO COIN called FRACTI and it has 10,000 FREE COPIES of the PROOF OF GOD NFT a 1/10,000.

You join FRACTI  and get $5000 in Fracti the you can buy the 1/10K PROOF OF GOD NFT for $5000 in FRACTI , or 1000 Tezos the coin it is minted on.

Once you use the free FRACTI  to buy the 1K Tezos work, SOLLOG will transfer one of the 10,000 copies to you.

The 1000 Tezos token can also just be bought at OBJKT .com


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Bitcoin & Crypto & NFT News

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