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1 PLAYER an elite Private Casino has launched in the past year and the target player is a HIGH STAKES GAMBLER that likes to bet on sporting events or play LIVE POKER.

Like a real casino, elite players have a personal host to ensure elite players can always find HIGH STAKES ACTION.

Right now the majority of bitcoin casinos, which are the fastest growing segment of online gambling, are geared towards penny table and slot action as well as penny dice games.

1 PLAYER  doesn’t want any penny players and their private casino only lets in players with enough on deposit to even be able to place bets in their casino which is chartered out of the Cayman Islands.

1 PLAYER  started as an elite sports logo for a small group of tech mega-millionaires and domain cowboys that know each other and who formed a group of high stakes golf and poker tournaments. The group has played for years and they are said to operate the most elite poker tournament in the world. The buyin for 10 players is 2.2 Million each and the winner takes all or 20 Million after a weekend long game on a 100 Foot Yacht that is a private deep water game.

2 Million of the 22 Million the tournament rises goes toward the cost of the party that is said to have the most beautiful models from Miami as arm candy for a weekend of fun in the Carribean with ten mega-wealthy multi-millionaires and even billionaires on the yacht.

1 PLAYER  has some rising players on lesser tours of the PGA wearing their gear and the casino is open to the public to join but the operator of the casino says 75% of new members are turned away when the player doesn’t fund their accounts properly to play in an elite private casino.

What does it take to play in a private casino? A minimum account needs to acquire enough bitcoin to make minimum bets in the sports book that can take any sized bet you can imagine claims the casino. I saw buy tokens for bets in their casino with a 50 Million price tag on the tour I was given. The casino says 50 Million dollar tokens can be bought anonymously in any quantity a player wants, so the sky is the limit they claim as to how much any bitcoin millionaire wants to risk. The casino showed me how buy in tokens start at only 100 but go up to 50 Million.

The operator says most high wealth people and most people in general have no idea as to what bitcoin is yet, but for the online gambling industry it is the perfect currency due to being anonymous. However many new players that have high wealth may not be able to acquire all the bitcoin they want without creating havoc in the minor bitcoin exchanges that control the market place of the currency today. If a whale wants to acquire even a minor amount like 1 Million in bitcoin such an order on bitcoin exchanges can create chaos the operator says. Bitcoin is still a growing currency unit and eventually mega-million dollar buys won’t create that much havoc the operator said.

Casino hosts with decades long experience in Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and Las Vegas are hosts of the elite casino and their contacts are used to educate high wealth whales to the concept of bitcoin and anonymous bitcoin casinos. So word of mouth amongst high wealth individuals is the main way the casino expects to grow their business.

The casino has an agent shopping a pending deal to film the famous 20 Million dollar game but the operator says it may not happen since some of the players are reluctant to be filmed since many are married and some are executives with public companies and their public image can’t have them gambling on a 100 foot yacht with models for 20 Million.

So what does a lousy 100 buck token get you I asked? That’s the MINIMUM BET you can make on a sporting game the operator of the casino says.

How high are the poker table stakes, I asked?

1 PLAYER says private games with 1K and 2K blinds are held daily now  at the most elite bitcoin casino in the world. Casino hosts will also match 100 and 200 blind players for games for any time of the day. You can always find a 100/200 blinds table if you let the host know when you want to play. They will use the 1 PLAYER list of players seeking such action to make such games occur at pretty much any hour of the day. So 100/200 blinds are the minimum to be considered high stakes games but they’re not really high stakes games says the casino. The casino says these games are courtesy tables. High Stakes really start at 1K and 2K blinds and are often 5K and 10K blinds.

If a player wants to find say only 10 and 20 buck blinds, the casino says they have such tables but casino hosts will not help arrange such minor games, so they are only used when similar small bet gamblers find each other hanging out in the public member area looking for games.

The real high stakes games are not where most members have access to. So 1 PLAYER  has a private gaming area within an already private casino. To be guaranteed action arranged by a host you need to be able to wager with 100 and 200 dollar blinds said the casino operator. To play at this level a player would need around 10K dollars to even sit at these tables and remember 10K is not considered an elite player to 1 PLAYER. The fact is to sit at an elite table with 1/2K blinds you need to be able to cage 100K dollars. That’s the MINIMUM BUY IN to earn a right to sit at an elite game says the operator.

In reality, most people do not play at 100/200 blinds, and very few players have ever played at 1/2K blinds, but these high stakes limits do happen. To most  poker players even 10/20 blinds is high stakes when you consider the millions of weekly games played around the world where 1 and 2 buck blinds are normal and many games are 5 and 10 cent games. Who plays at 1k and 2K blinds? Elite players do. But when a major tournament is running blinds can go to 50K and 100K easily said the casino operator.

The 20 Million dollar deep water tournament usually ends up with 100K and 200K blinds to move the game along so a winner can take all of the 20 Million dollar deep water pot towards the end of the weekend of fun in the sun.

The WSOP Poker Event only has a 10 Million Dollar prize to the winner and almost 7,000 people enter the event. But the cost to enter the WSOP is a fraction of the 2.2 Million it takes to get into the highest stakes poker game in the world that I know of.

Are you good enough to called a #1 PLAYER ?










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